D750 and TC-14E II does not work with "D" lenses

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Re: D750 and TC-14E II does not work with "D" lenses

Damnerd wrote:

Just upgraded to a D750 from a D7000, wow! Not a deal killer but a little disappointed that my TC-14E II will not work with my AF-S 300mm1:4D on the D750 (the lens works great when not coupled with a TC). I was told by the local Nikon dealer I was only the second person to call Nikon Support about this issue.

While in the store we tried several combinations of TC-14E II, TC-14E III and TC-17 III with various lens including my 300mm D and a 300mm PF. All the lens except the "D" series worked with the D750. It seems there is a communication issue when a "D" series is coupled with a D750 through a TC. All Nikon models (D610, D800 and D810) other than the D750 has not had this problem.

Hoping for a firmware update from Nikon to fix this glitch. If you own this combination give Nikon Support a call and put a bug in their ear.

This is the EXACT same thing that happened to me, and here's why it happened:

I bought my Nikon 300mm f/4D IF-ED AF-S used from Amazon, and it turned out to be a gray market lens. It worked great with my Niikon 1.4TC II on my D610, but it would NOT work on my D750 with the 1.4TC II attached. Without the TC it worked fine.

Then at a later date it began acting up even without the 1.4TC II attached, so I sent it in to Nikon. They told me it's a gray market lens, so they refused to touch it. I then contacted a Nikon Certified camera repair place who told me that some of the older D lenses would need to be re-chipped in order to work with some of the newer Nikon DSLRs. Nikon had an internal advisory about this, and that is why they knew about the problem.

The re-chipping of the lens costs $300.00. I got it done through Kurt's Camera Repair in San Diego. They took care of it within a week. Now my Nikon 300mm f/4D works PERFECT with or without the TC on my D750.

So... either your lens is one of the first produced and didn't get re-chipped by Nikon before it hit the store shelf, or it's a gray market lens that hasn't been re-chipped. All the new, more recently produced 300mm f/4D lenses should have been re-chipped by Nikon to make them compatible. Get it checked out. Kurt's Camera Repair now has experience doing this since they dealt with mine, so they'll know what to do. Let them know ahead of time, because they will need to order the part.

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