Which lens for a safari?

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Re: Which lens for a safari?

We have had several trips to Africa, India & Brazil. Here are some considerations.

My current primary gear is D750, D7100, 80-400 & 24-120. Can mix and match f/l. I always have a 12-24 in my pocket along with a 10,5 mm. Seldom used but some great shots with them of sunrise, sunset, thunderstorms, etc.

My wife uses a D7100 & 18-300 f/5.6.

The 80-400 replaced a 200-400 & D750 replaced D3s which is an all time great (my opinion) camera. Yes I lose FPS but travel kit is much lighter as same batteries, cards, etc. Now carry monopod in lieu of tripod.

You have DX, FX & 28-300. Maybe rent 80-400 or 150-600. Problem with 150-600 is when (and they usually do) animals move in closer so you use the 28-300.

Whatever you carry & wherever you go you will have a great time. We are returning to South Africa in Sept & looking forward to it.

Backup portable hd to store images. Yesterday I talked to a friend that had recently returned from Peru. 2 week trip & he had his camera bag stolen in Lima when returning home & yes all his cards were in the bag. Painful learning experience to say the least. He is now very interested in knowing more about my b/u hd which is a ColorSpace UDMA. His cameras were both about 5 year old Rebels so he was thinking of replacing them anyway but can't replace the images.

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