3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

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Re: 3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

Oleg L K wrote:

I'm answering several questions in one post.
1) dual-camera rig and interocular distance:
- if you want the best possible solution, make stereo-base adjustable with the minimum being below 6.5cm
- If you cannot make variable stereo-base, keep it no larger than 6.5cm
- the new Olympus Air camera is 5.7cm in diameter; isn't it the first candidate?

Olympus air sounds like a great idea. However I dont think that can be synchronized. Did olympus state anything about controlling two cameras at the same time.
Actually there are other connected cameras like the Sony QX100 (1" sensor like the RX100) that are very small in size but from what i ve read two of them cannot be controlled by one phone by wifi, just one at a time. Sony has not realized the potential to have them linked like the gopros. Would create the best compact 3d camera system.

The 6.5 cm could be achived by using some older canon cameras and SDM. But I think the best image quality could come from a pair of canon s95's ...but the closest SB they get is only 7.7cm. I am leaning toward this system... I hope its not too exagerated compared to the 6.5 cm normal eye distance.

2) I tried beamsplitter on HP850 and Minolta A2. Incompatible, point.

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