3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

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Re: 3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

Oleg L K wrote:

The 3d attachments - beamsplitters - are made for 50mm lenses on full-frame 35mm cameras. They aren't compatible with compact/bridge cameras like A2 or A200. Maybe they work with 35mm lenses on APS-C, I didn't try it.

They work just fine with any camera with any sensor size as long as you set the equivalent focal length to something near 50mm.  They will actually work with other focal lengths too, just not as well since the interocular spacing isn't correct.

Then, you need to find the right lens for the specific attachment. And leveling the attachment vs the lens is important too.

I would recommend Loreo lens over a beamsplitter. Less weight/size, less hassle, better quality.

Another consideration: working aperture: f/11-f/22 for the Loreo, f/4 (optimal) for SKF1 beamsplitter. The latter eats some 1.5-2 stops of light too.
So beamsplitters permit twice as smaller exposure, could be crucial for moving objects. But the Loreo gives more DOF.

But I need to stress the importance of not exceeding the 6.5cm interocular distance. Otherwise you are drawn into hyper-stereo land. It may look like impressive 3d effect while you evaluate the instrument, but then your real-world pictures become toy-like - unrealistic.
Unfortunately the current model of Loreo has enlarged stereo-base. I'd recommend getting the discontinued old model.

Hyper-stereo is fine for landscapes or architectural photography where the subjects are a long distance from the camera.  If you don't use a wider than 6.5cm interocular distance the images come out looking non-3D.  The rule of thumb for interocular distance is:

Stereo Base = distance of nearest object/30

We are used to really distant objects looking flat since they are beyond the distance where we see 3D so you don't want to use too large a stereo base.

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