3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

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Re: 3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

Thanks for your response.
To say the truth I have abandoned the DIY beamsplitter idea. It will be a lot of trouble cutting and then aligning the mirrors, it will reduce the resolution to more than half (as the middle portion will be blurred) and most importantly for cameras larger than cellphones it will be quite big.

I have now turned towards either

1. buying a Fuji W3 wich is very compact has a 3d screen but it has a narrow 35mm lens and is not of great IQ.

or 2. building a compact 3d rig. That rig could be two android smartphones (like Samsung GS III) or two canon cameras with SDM firmware (like S95). In the case of the phones it would be a compact maybe foldable design controlled by a bluetooth application so both cameras could be fired at the same time. I have to check the app on two random phones to see how good the synchronization is. I dont expect miracles. But for steady subjects it will surely work better than the cha-cha method. Also with this option I could have a true to human eyes stereo base of 6.5-7 cm

Now with the 2x canon s95 rig: It will have much better image quality (Especially in low light) but the stereo base will be close to 8cm if I am calculating correctly.
I know what you re saying about the interocullar distance. It baffles me also. Some people say that a bit more than 7 cm gives you a better 3d effect. Fuji for example has an SB of 7,5cm.
It will certainly look Great on a 3dtV. Now if in the near future those images are viewed on a head mounted display like occulus or the google cardboard (available now) will they look unnatural? Thats the real question!!!

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