3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

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Re: 3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

The 3d attachments - beamsplitters - are made for 50mm lenses on full-frame 35mm cameras. They aren't compatible with compact/bridge cameras like A2 or A200. Maybe they work with 35mm lenses on APS-C, I didn't try it.
Then, you need to find the right lens for the specific attachment. And leveling the attachment vs the lens is important too.

I would recommend Loreo lens over a beamsplitter. Less weight/size, less hassle, better quality.

Another consideration: working aperture: f/11-f/22 for the Loreo, f/4 (optimal) for SKF1 beamsplitter. The latter eats some 1.5-2 stops of light too.
So beamsplitters permit twice as smaller exposure, could be crucial for moving objects. But the Loreo gives more DOF.

But I need to stress the importance of not exceeding the 6.5cm interocular distance. Otherwise you are drawn into hyper-stereo land. It may look like impressive 3d effect while you evaluate the instrument, but then your real-world pictures become toy-like - unrealistic.
Unfortunately the current model of Loreo has enlarged stereo-base. I'd recommend getting the discontinued old model.

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