6D Top Focus Point Light Bleeding Issue

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Re: 6D Top Focus Point Light Bleeding Issue

I know this is a VERY old thread, but I just bought a Canon 6D last week, and I took it back to the store today because I thought it was some kind of defect. All 4 bodies in the store also showed the same LED light flare on the focal points.
I'm an amateur just learning, but I'd settled on the 6D as the right choice for me...$1000 cheaper than the 5D Mark iii, full frame, and WiFi and GPS. I don't want to go with a crop, and I do want the WiFi and GPS function...which leaves me wondering if I should wait for a new model laster this year or January (though my old T3i is now dead...so I'd be camera-less...not something I think I can deal with), or even think about switching over to Nikon...
This may be the cheapest FF option, but I'm still not willing to drop this kind of money on a camera with this kind of defect. I DO switch my focal points, and I DID notice this to be quite distracting for me, even just over my first weekend using it. It's not something I want to live with.

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