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a few more sample here

etto72 wrote:

I had my 5Dsr with the Otus85 and took a few snap shots....

I was really impressed that i could actually get an usable image shooting against the sun without using a Graduate filter

No way i could have done that with my beloved MK III

This is big step for Canon!

Yeah I totally agree with you the 5DSR is pretty big step up in term of DR, not at the Sony level yet but still way better than what they have in the past.

Just came back from a short 3 day Mt.Shasta trip and have been playing with the 5DSr for 3 days side by side with my D800E, too bad my A7R/D810 friend couldn't make it to this trip, other wise we will have a lot of toys to play with, but weather was really boring, no storm, no clouds, just a boring blue sky, so didn't take a lot of shots, here is just one sample.

5DSR original (without GND):

LR6 processed:

I found there is still quite a bit more noise in the shadow when compared to the Sony, but it's sure a huge step up already in my opinion. Another thing I found, it's not time to ditch all my GND yet even with the DR improvement I still need those GND/reversed GNDs, below is one example I shot just about 10 minutes before the above Canon pictures but on the D800E with Zeiss 21 but with a 3 stop GND and a Polarizer, here I am using the Polarizer as the 2 to 3 stop solid ND to cut some glare and to give me a little longer exposure time, as you can see, I was able get a much better balance between the sky and foreground, didn't have to do much, just a GND and a few slide bar to push in LR and I was able to get the tree and the clouds.

Another observation, I found the raw file between the 5DSR and D800E gives me very different response in PP. here is one example, again, not same lens same aperture same everything, I was NOT doing any scientific test, just got home and looking at two very similar raw files and started playing with it, theses two shots below looked pretty similar to start with, but with exactly same process parameter, it gave me two very different result.

Original Raw to Jpeg conversion:

Nikon D800E:

Canon 5DSR:

Processed in LR with same parameter:

Nikon D800E

Canon 5DSR

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