HX20v: the camera that makes paintings, not pictures ;-)

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Re: HX20v: the camera that makes paintings, not pictures ;-)

From someone who has shot everything from high end modern DSLR to old-school film (of several varieties) let me say that I am not a fan of pixel-peeping. Whether it's digital or film if you look at any photo close enough you will see lots of faults.

With digital a lot of it has to do with JPEG compression. If the HX20V had RAW capability I think the effect would be less pronounced. Still, always consider the end-product. The HX20V is capable of producing fantastic looking 8x10 prints and excellent looking web-quality images. If you want more than that then buy a different camera.

Now I know lots of photographers like to crop in a lot on their images but in general I try to avoid that as much as possible. Even with a Canon 1D and some really nice L-series glass a 100% pixel-peep will reveal problems. Hell, even Leicas or Hasselblads will not look perfect when cropped in a lot. That's just part of photography. Get closer to your subject and use the really long zoom this camera offers. It's meant to be a versatile little travel camera, not a Hasselblad. Just work around the limitations, trust me, even those of us with really high end gear have to do the same, just not to the same extent.

I have pro-level gear but I still love carrying my HX20V with me for travelling because it's got great video, great picture quality, lots of in-camera effects, and amazing zoom range and all for a good price. Worry more about taking interesting photos and less about pixel peeping and I promise you'll be a happier photographer


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