Sharpest pancake lens for A7?

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Re: Sharpest pancake lens for A7?

additional info:

M-Rokkor 40mm F2 / Summicron C40 has with adapter 36mm length

sharpness is very good, center sharpness is not as good vs the Summicron 50 but the overall sharpness from corner to corner is more balanced, like planar vs sonnar

i like the lens more than my Contax G45F2 or the Summicron 50 because it has a better rendering than the Planar IMO and the balanced sharpnes vs Summicron 50 is also in my liking

summicron 50 is better for portrait, summicron 40 is better for street etc. where balanced sharpness is important

FE35 is sharper than the Summicron 40 but i would miss the F2 even F2 is a little bit soft but get´s much better at 2.4 and i like the rendering much more than the FE but for documentary project´s the FE is amazing

and Zeiss has this magenta 3D pop I don´t like for skin tones, Leica has more nice blue, and blue is my favorite color!

so it is very subjective ! also the handling is very the end i would not recommend to buy a lens without testing it before

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