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Re: Infra red recording on Alfas ?

AmyHoover wrote:

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AmyHoover wrote:

Not sure if bumping this is a good idea but I am super interested in infrared on Alphas and was wondering if anyone has any updated information or guides on converting a camera? I have a sony a33 and a55 that are not in use anymore for weddings and wouldn't mind converting them for Infrared.

The a99 uses an infrared focus assist light but still is not sensitive to infrared light?

Here are a couple from a full spectrum converted Sony a33:
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How well can you see through the viewfinder/LCD with an infrared filter on the camera?

The photo that this guy took: https://www.flickr.com/photos/neilt3/8039906555/in/album-72157629595783904/ is amazing and I'd love to be able to shoot like that. I really liked the advice on how to use photoshop to get the colors right. I wonder which infrared filter he used?

I'm not sure how to cut off the old filter and attach a new one. I don't mind manual focusing so I'm not too worried about the focus adjustment which I can do if I need to...


Hi Amy , you might have missed the reply I left you last night ?

It answered most of your questions and more besides . Follow the two links I gave as these will help you a lot . One is for Lifepixel and the other is to someone that shows you how to dismantle your camera .

You do not need to cut the I.R cut filter off on a Sony camera as it is just held on with a metal cage , screwed to the circuit board .

I have converted several cameras , Sony , Nikon and Canon to either Infrared or full spectrum .

As long as you are methodical and keep records/photos as you go along , it's a fairly simple job .

As far as adjusting auto focus , refer to the start of this thread . It's a simple procedure .

To cut the replacement filters , I use a bit of masking tape over the new one on both sides , after removing it from the filter holder .

Use the old one out of the camera as a template and cut the new one with a  rotary tool with a diamond cutting wheel attached and use a bit of paraffin to cool and lubricate disc .


I'm glad you like the photo you linked to , it's one I like too .

The camera I used to take it was a Canon EOS 450d , it's a camera moded for astrophotography rather than I.R , that's why it's a long exposure even at ISO 800 .

I sat the camera on the handrail of the bridge I were stood on .

The lens I used was a Zenitar 16mm fish eye lens , a good one for APSC .

Because you cant put a filter on the front of a fish eye , I removed one out of it's metal holder and sat it in the recess before mounting the lens . A perfect fit .

The filter used was a Hoya r72 .

The only processing was in Lightroom . I set the white balance with the dropper tool on the foliage of the shrubs , tweaked the colour and saturation slightly with the sliders and increased the contrast quite a bit .

Other than that I did a bit of work on the clouds to make them stand out more .

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