Real differences between HX90V and WX500?

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Re: Real differences between HX90V and WX500?

I've been doing some research myself -- mainly using the "Help Guides" from the Sony UK site.  Since the Sony US site has NOTHING yet.  So, let me go through things pretty comprehensively -- here are things that the HX90V has that the WX500 lacks:



"Quick Navi" view on the LCD screen when using the EVF.

Control Ring around lens.

Zoom function on Control Ring, including Step Zoom.

Electronic Level on screen.

Manual Focus, including all of the things that go with it -- Peaking Level, etc.

Bracketing Drive Mode -- a big surprise for me, as everything I've seen previously seem to indicate that the WX500 HAD bracketing.  But the manual says it doesn't.  The HX90V has rather typical Sony exposure bracketing, plus White Balance bracketing, and DRO bracketing.

DRO and HDR.  Wow -- here's a big one!  I didn't realize this AT ALL, but the WX500 apparently lacks DRO and HDR settings, completely.  Only available on the HX90V.

Creative Style.  Can this be???  No Creative Style at all in the WX500?  The HX90V manual lists it, but the WX500 manual doesn't.  Another Wow.

High ISO Noise Reduction.

So, just going through the two "Help Guides," those are the differences I see.  I'm almost flabbergasted -- that's a LOT of stuff that the WX500 lacks.  Trust me, I HAVE similar long-zoom compacts, and I've gone through plenty more.  What appeals to me about this new generation is "the whole set of features like the RX100 line has" -- that's what I want to buy.  But the WX500 obviously just doesn't have it -- and you truly do get quite a bit of extra features with the extra $100 that the HX90V costs.

Tom Hoots

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