confused between nikon d5200 and nikon d7000

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Re: confused between nikon d5200 and nikon d7000

I recently had a 5200 and sold it for a 7000, for several of the reasons posted in the threads here.

The 7000 uses more physical knobs and dials, rather than a menu-driven system like the 5200. For me, I rarely look at the LCD now because everything I need is out in the open, and more convenient to adjust.

Another big draw for me was the built-in autofocus motor of the 7000, which the 5200 lacks. This means that you can use AF lenses without a built-in motor on the 7000 (but not on the 5200. This can save you some money on lenses.

The 5200 does have a MP advantage over the 7000 (24MP vs 16MP). But I haven't found this to be an issue yet.

Since getting the 7000, I haven't looked back. It's slightly bigger, and much more rugged (and heavy).

Hope this helps.

ps- and I really like the U1/U2 saved presets on the 7000 for my custom shooting modes.

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