Absolutely Heavenly!

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torqueit wrote:

That portrait alone makes me want to own that lens. Beautiful work. Love the out of focus areas and the overall framing. Great color and contrast!

Thanks so much all.  I appreciate it.   I will post a shot I took with it on my D7100 as well, its not a D810, but its much higher resolution than my D700, though really more than you need for any reasonable sized print or crop.   
I got my D700 after my D7100... I am quite the pixel peeper and I thought I would regret the "only 12.1 megapixel" camera... but I like it even more... it prevents me from zooming in to 200% ...  which is good, because there is nothing at 200% crop that will ever be seen on a normal sized print of anything... and the file sizes are so much more manageable..
I love this lens on both bodies though.  It's just a fantastic little lens.
I got my copy for $440 in basically brand new condition a few months ago.  Though the serial number puts it manufactured in the mid 2000's.
I just got a Nikon 80-200 AF-S 2.8D this week, to have a bit more versatility.  And while, obviously, not as sharp as the 180, its still pretty darn nice.   I will probably throw up a review with image of the 80-200 soon.  Not that my reviews are actually very helpful, just for fun

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