What could she be thinking ... (IMAGE)

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Re: you should work for sigma


He DOES work for Sigma! He's taking all these great pictures using Nikon glass and claiming they're done with Sigma's!

Just kidding, of course.

Yves, your work is beautiful, and I think this is my favorite of the ones I've seen. Very nice!


fdinaro wrote:
Excellent shot Yves, Sigma needs you as a sales rep.Your photo's
can sell a lot of glass for sigma......frank d

Brent E wrote:
you are quite welcome, Yves. It's hard not to be impressed with
your work and hard not to compliment you!!!
The lense looks SHARP!!!!!

from the peninsula


Yves P. wrote:
A mega thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yes, I did the greyscale on the concrete stairs.

It was shot with the Sigma EX 70-200 2.8 HSM APO. I am telling you,
this is an amazing lens ...

Brent E wrote:
My take is that your daughter is gorgeous, and your skills are
amazing. Did you take the background and make it greyscale??? Her
expression and posture is perfect. Great picture. just great!
What lense is this with?

Warmest regards


Yves P. wrote:

I was trying to clean up my drive and fell on an un noticed image I
had shot a few weeks back. I just love the mood. I left the bruise
on her knee there on purpose because it adds to the power of the
image IMO

What's you take on this one friends ?

EXIF right here:

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Yves P.

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Yves P.

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