Report wakeup & startup time in reviews

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Seems dependent on lens too

Rudi Maes wrote:

On they report the wake time. For the E-M5 it says it's 1.1 second.

A DSLR is normally much faster.

Thanks for the link, Rudi. Actually, they report the startup time, not the wakeup time. In my experience they are similar with the Olympus bodies I have (E-M5 and E-M10), but not exactly the same.  Yes, a DSLR is much faster.  But, about 12-13 years ago some of the DSLRs were pretty slow too.

I haven't done any serious testing, but awhile back I was trying both bodies and trying to get a feel for the startup and wakeup speed. Maybe the E-M10 is very slightly faster than the E-M5. I also discovered that it seems to be somewhat lens dependent. Depending on the lens I noticed that the wakeup and startup might be faster or slower.

Olympus shakes the sensor to clean it off and, I think, it does this at startup. I don't know if it also does it at wakeup. This may be one reason that Olympus startup and wakeup is a bit slow. It would be nice if there was an option to have it do the sensor cleaning at shutdown time instead of startup time. I think a camera I had before (maybe the Sony A700 or Canon 60D) had that option.

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