40-150mm vs. 45-200mm ?

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Re: 40-150mm vs. 45-200mm ?

danieladougan wrote:

secretworld wrote:

I have had all three lenses and ended up with the pana 45-150. For me it was the sharpest and most stable lens, shutter shock wise. Rhe Oly 40-150 eas terrible and the 45-200 a little soft. I bought all three second hand so all the teying was without loss.

I suspect the Olympus 40-150mm was terrible for you because you were using it on a Panasonic body...and neither the lens nor the body had stabilization in that case.

It was semi ok on the PM2 but only without ibis. It was less ok on a GX7, with electronic shutter it was sometimes very sharp but the combination with ibis was not a good match (unsharp bands). I could try the 45-150 for cheap and it was much better. With and without OIS and with and without electronic shutter. So the choice was easy.

The lens barrel of my copy was very wobbly!

Put it on an Olympus body like I do, and it's quite sharp even wide open. I would just prefer something a bit longer and/or a bit faster.

It would be great if Oly or Panasonic made a 40-150mm / 45-200mm "semipro" that went f2.8-f4. Cheaper and smaller than the constant f2.8 PRO but still a stop faster than the existing f4-5.6 lens. Something in between.

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