Auto Lens Cap for A6000's 16-50

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Re: Auto Lens Cap for A6000's 16-50

PC Wheeler wrote:

lovegood wrote:

Rupek wrote:

I have the JJC auto lens cap for my wife to use on the 16-50. Brilliant little device. Should be standard on pz lenses, makes so much more sense.

Hi, how is the auto lens cap working so far, does it cause any scratches or vignetting?

Can the lens hood be fitted on my camera if there is an auto lens cap?

I have this one too: and it works great. No scratches and no vignetting. It even adds a bit to the natural hood built into the 16-50 lens.

After taking a look just now, I see no way you could attach a hood or anything else to the auto lens cap; it has no threads -- and I suspect the hood you are considering screws into the threads used by the other device. But I see no reason you'd want to add a hood: There seems to be no need, and it would make this compact lens less so.

BTW -- Welcome to the forum

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I like the Hoocap which acts as a hood and a lens cap at the same time, unfortunately the item is not available in my country and it is overpriced on Ebay.

In this case, it is a better idea to ditch the lens hood, just stick to the auto lens cap?

Thank you!

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