I received the RDS an hour ago - and I am in love again! LOL

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I received the RDS an hour ago - and I am in love again! LOL

In short, it is terrific right out of the box.

Actually, I received it more than two hours ago by the time I posted; dinner intervened.

I bought the RDS on eBay from Japan exactly one week ago and it arrived, extremely well packed, in suburban Melbourne, Australia where I am staying today. I received this late on a dull, showery afternoon in cold old Melbourne so absolutely no BIFs to test it on, nor BOB (Birds on Branch) or whatever. I call that excellent performance.

Opening the box was a great experience, as ever. Unwrapped half a yard of bubble wrap, then got the little box out of the middle of it, opened that and found a 70 page instruction booklet -- one page for each of 66 languages -- a big sheet of warranty for all sorts of places, the red dot sight itself wrapped in more bubble, an envelope with a flat (form) battery (for test purposes only, cautioned the instructions -- obviously protecting themselves against flat (electrically) batteries), and a little soft case with a velcro grip to fit around a camera strap (it won't fit on my 39mm wide elastic strap -- but who cares?).

Opening the battery compartment proved to be s bit unnerving. You need three hands. You have to use a pen or something to push down a tiny button then slide the lid forward over said button and lift it up. It wouldn't slide forward. I thought I might be defeated at the first hurdle! The application of a kitchen knife helped. Nice to see a tight fit -- better tight than loose; this is not something any user will have to do every day.

Shoved it into the accessory shoe of the G6 with the 100-300 fitted in readiness, slid the pop-up switch (3) across to open it, rotated the target brightness adjustment dial (1) to set brightness, and went out on the front porch to see what it was all about. With the 100-300 set to 300, I pointed out into the gloom.

Put it to my eye. There is no defined eye position, but it took about 0.137 of a second to find a comfortable position with the camera braced against my face. Focused on a neighbor's letter box. Took a couple of shots -- aim was too low and a little to the left. Rotated the Sight Vertical Adjustment dial (4) and chimped a couple of times to position it, then rotated Sight Horizontal Positioning dial (2), chimped, it was right and the letter box was centered.

And that's it, that's everything. Bring on some BIFs!

The bracketed numbers are from the instruction sheet; I included them to emphasize how simple it is. Six things. The dials are well recessed so unlikely to be thrown out of adjustment accidentally, I think.

BUT -- and here is where love set in -- while I was taking the first vertical orientation test shot prior to adjustment, a car drove past me down the street. I was onto it like lightning and tracked it perfectly.

A defining moment!!!

Tracked it!!! Absolutely no sweat. The EXIF wll tell you how ridiculous the light was, but hey, I was just testing to center the sight.

The letterbox, right in the middle of the frame. It took all of two minutes adjustment to get this set.

The Red Dot Sight mounted and ready to shoot on the G6.

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