YongNuo YN-468 II Speedlite.

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Re: YongNuo YN-468 II Speedlite.

michaelh99 wrote:

I also have this flash, purchase may 2014 and recently started using the slave controls. I found that in S1 mode the output was greatly reduced compared to my 430EX. The manual is useless for finding out why. The output settings were at 1/1.

Switching to S2 and the output is very close to the 430EX. It may just be timing differences but I can't be sure by just reading the manual and don't have the equipment to do that level of testing.

Visual results are here: http://dragonseye.com/photos/index?/category/847-flash_tests

Here's why: Both S1 and S2 are optical slave mode. It means the flashes will fire if they see a flash from another speedlight or from your built in flash. Lets assume that you are using the built-in flash to trigger the YN468 II. Because you used the built-in flash, most probably, it is in E-TTL mode. In E-TTL mode, the built-in flash makes a pre-flash(sometimes invisible to the naked eye) to measure the exposure before firing the actual flash to lit the subject.

In S1 mode, the YN 468 II doesn't ignore the tiny pre-flashes and fires away the moment the built-in flash makes the pre-flash, making the YN 468II fire too early for the opening and closing of the shutter curtain and resulting to an under expose photo.

While in S2 mode, the YN 468 II will ignore the tiny preflashes and fire only at the same time the built in flash fires resulting to a correct exposure. The firing of the optical slave is synchronize with the opening and closing of the shutter curtain.

To make the long story short, if you are using ETTL flash to trigger the optical slave, use S2. If you are using a manual flash to trigger the optical slave, you can use S1 or S2.

I didn't got it either on my 1st time I used the yongnuo flash.  The manual was of no help, it was poorly translated from Chinese to English.  They should hire a good writer/translator.

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