HD-DA21 f3.2 ltd on K30: exif data incomplete? Help needed.

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Re: HD-DA21 f3.2 ltd on K30: exif data incomplete? Help needed.

I quick search would have shown this has been answered many times in this forum......

You software does not know about the lens ID your lens has so cannot give you a name.

The issue is the software not your camera or lens.

to fix LR5 read this


If you search for 'adobe lens database' you will find millions of questions and answers that address your issue.

In short

Raw lens support in most major software’s is patchy at best.

jpeg lens support as considerably less than Raw because the whole point of id'ing the lens is to correct CA and distortions which just like WB correction works best in RAW.

Unfortunately many raw developing programs have grown into photo managing suites where lens id is used to catalogue image but the databases have not kept up for the above reasons.

The software supplied with the camera should be OK for OEM lens providing you keep it updated .... Anything else your dependant on the program developer caring to update.

In camera correction uses correction data provided by the lens to the camera.... Raw software has no idea how to read or use this data and it's probably outside Exif anyway.

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