Absolutely Heavenly!

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Re: Absolutely Heavenly!

Sandmanusd wrote:

I cannot love this lens any more than I do. This thing is just built like a tank, has such a sturdy feel to it, and is just super sharp wide open.
Unless I absolutely NEED more depth of field, I never stop this thing down from wide open. It is just that good.
I use this on a D700 and a D7100 and its just beautiful.
The bokeh that this produces wide open is just heavenly... its so buttery smooth and creamy and dreamy and... just... beautiful.
The only flaw with this lens, is the lens hood doesn't lock into place. It is there to block sunlight only, and just collapses if knocked into something... so it doesn't protect anything very much, other than from the sun. A minor "issue" but one to think about if you are rough on equipment.
Of course this lens is built like a tank, unlike the plastic junk Nikon and everyone pumps out nowadays (even though, yes I know this lens is still available new, but it is a very old design)

Fitting title. I'm surprised you haven't received more feedback on this fabulous portrait.

Best Regards, Pierre

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