GH4 new AF system better for fast moving BIF?

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Re: GH4 new AF system better for fast moving BIF?

danieljcox wrote:

guybie wrote:

To all new owners, is it possible to test this?
So far this looks the most important change for stills, compared to the GH3 to me.
So, before i go for the GH4 (which i probably will do anyway :-), i would like to know what your experience is.
Thanks in advance,


The new DFD system in the Lumix GH4 is a huge step forward. That said, Lumix needs lenses to take advantage of this new DFD technology. Unfortunately, based on my experience, the longest Lumix lens that you could use for BIF is the 35-100mm F/2.8. The 45-175 also works well AF wise but I'm not a huge fan of the 45-175 due it less than stellar optics. It does focus fast however. The other lens you may be considering is the 100-300mm but this lens is definitely not fast enough for BIF. Panasoinc needs to bring us newer, longer lenses and that is going to happen relatively soon.

The other option I'm currently using, is the new Olympus 40-150mm F/2.8 with the 1.4X teleconverter . This lens works extremely well with the GH4. You do loose Image Stabilization since Olympus puts IS in the body and Lumix puts it in the lens. Since Olympus puts IS in the body, they don't have any IS in the 40-150mm lens. Fortunately it's not as big of a problem as one might think which you will see if you follow the link to my Blog above.

Finally, I recently met with some folks from Panasonic who came all the way from Japan to my home in Montana, to discus future Lumix lens development. Though I can't say exactly what is coming, I can tell you that in the relatively near future there will be a LUMIX lens that will most likely fit your needs.

40-150 pro is an Olympus lens. Panasonic like you said needs lenses that support DFD in order to use DFD technology. It is not in Panasonics best interest to support DFD for Olympus lenses, although it would be nice if they did.

So when you use the 40-150 pro not only do not have stabilization, but also the option for DFD AF is not available as well.

The Oly 40-150 pro will be of course optimized for Olympus bodies, in particular the E-M1.

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