Parfocality through firmware

Started May 18, 2015 | Discussions thread
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Re: Parfocality through firmware

OpticsEngineer wrote:

I just tried that with my Nikon D7100 plus Nikon 18-140 zoom lens. The lens is most definitely not parfocal and I could not find a focus mode that seemed to try to do what you suggested. (first I focus on something, then I change the zoom and hope focus does not change... it changed a lot with the 18-140... it takes a shutter half press to refocus) I am not running the very latest firmware however.

On my D810 is does indeed work as Horshack says. That however demands that you have set your camera to use the AF-ON button only to focus. From what you write I conclude that you use the shutter button for focus. (I haven´t tried that, but I have no reason to doubt you; I always use AF-ON only).

That means, as I understand it, that it could well be accomplished through firmware.

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