If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

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Re: If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

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Panasonic GH4 and Samsung NX1 can do a lot better video and I have watched their videos at Vimeo. Those cameras are very much cheaper than D750

Nikon D750 is superior still image camera. Probably one of the best "full frame" camera currently for that task. I don't know why D750 has inferior video abilities considering its price.

That's your opinon and you're entitled to it, but it really depends on your definition of "better." D750 has more DR than the NX1 and GH4, and the rolling shutter is better than the GH4 - both have been measured. The NX1 RS is better in 1080p (best you can find without a global shutter) and much, much worse in 4k (d90 bad, its terrible). The D750 is more detailed than the other two in 1080p and it handles moire and aliasing better. It also has a better native lens selection, better battery life, dual cards, more customizable control options and so on.

The D750 can't do 4k and it doesn't do 120fps like the NX1, but as a 1080p/24/25/30/50/60p camera is definitely better. I own the NX1 and have owned the GH4 and I've shot them pretty extensively. Nikons new flat profile is pretty amazing, better skin tones than the GH4 and it handles shadows/highlights really well, better colors overall than both. Nikon's color science ranks right up there with Canon's as the best. In my opinion.

Thanks for sharing. I find it interesting, that you are now a EX GH4 user. I have some plans where it would be better to have just one body to do both stills and video. The stills would be displayed mostly as 24 x 36 enlargements. All my previous commissioned work involving video has been on $5000 upwards camcorders. This would be my first dive into Dslr video for a planned documentary, shot mostly on tripod. So any comparisons between the Nikon D750 and Panasonic GH4 from real world users are welcome. Im not looking at 4K for the moment.

If you're shooting lots of people, the D750 colors SOOC are much more pleasing IMO. The GH4 has a plasticky look to skin tones, google it, you'll see lots of complaints. I couldn't get rid of that look and my color grading skills aren't to the point where I can fix it in post. The Nikon flat profile is a breeze, nail your WB, add a little contrast and saturation in post and it looks great. I use Film Convert to get the final look.

The price of entry is a little higher with the D750, but its a much better stills camera and as a 1080p camera, IMO the IQ is superior. The audio in the D750 is cleaner, I plug a Rode Videomic Pro or a Sennheiser G2 wireless and there was always a hiss with the GH4 that I don't get with the D750.

For stills there's really no comparison, just look at the comparison images here or on Imaging Resource, more detail with the extra 8mp, less noise and more DR. The D750's AF is far better in low light situations. The D750 tops out at 60p, the GH4 does 96fps, but the resolution is noticeably worse.

The GH4 has the advantage of better AF in video and a tilt/swivel LCD. Its smaller and your lens costs will be a little lower. So your kit will be a little lighter. You can also adapt pretty much any legacy lens to the GH4, your options are very limited with the D750, but old Nikkors are great cine lenses. And if you're shooting stills in low light or anything that's moving the D750's AF is much better - the two areas that mirrorless really struggle.

I use the Tokina/Angineux 28-70/2.6-2.8 as my everyday video lens (great manual focus with hard stops and a manual aperture that's also an AF lens) with a few faster primes for low light and shallow DOF shots. Paid $300 for the Tokina. Fast zooms in m43 land are much more, and unless you use a speedbooster your standard zoom becomes a tele.

My kit right now consists of the D750, the Samsung NX1 and a Sony A5100 (love the 10-18 for UWA shots). The D750 gets wonderful skin tones SOOC, see the image below - that's in a room with tons of sunlight blasting in all around, and a mix of incandescent/florescent lights overhead. She's lit with a small hotshoe mounted LED and I used the Tokina. Its a touch soft WO, but it makes people look good.

SOOC, D750, 1080/30p, shot for broadcast.

I prefer OUT OF CAMERA images--work with Da Vinci only on special projects. Are you using the Nikon flat profile all the time? I am looking to go with the 24-120 kit and my old AIs primes, though the Tamron 15-30 is being eyed for a later day purchase. Its good to know the quality mics plugged in straight into the camera sound ok. I have the highly regarded Senn 416 and some radio mics. and would prefer not having the Zoom or Tascam hooked up all the time.

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