If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

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Re: If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

virtualkyr wrote:

I have a friend who has a GH4, and another who has an a7s.

Given my Nikon bias, I'd choose D750, a7s, and GH4 in terms of "out of camera" look. For some of these projects, I don't spend any time in post and getting a "nice look" right out of camera is important to me.

Personally, I've never been impressed with the GH4 footage I've seen. I'm not some super analyst and I do not know the in-camera settings used. It's possible they could be tweaked.

But, just based on my limited experiences with the 3 cameras, I don't like the look of the GH4 with out a lot of post work I guess you could say. And, I don't have time, nor getting paid the budget, for that on these promo reels.

Thanks for your response. Your equipment lists shows Camcorders. How do you make the choice between going for lets say the Canon XA20 and a Nikon D750. I can appreciate the compactness of the camcorder and the XLR audio inputs, but would the sheer Image Quality be the main reason to go out with the FF D750. I prefer SOOC images rather than working with Da Vinci---unless a special look is intended. I am hearing that a mic plugged straight into D750 sounds ok? Will have to check if the top gun Senniheiser 416 sounds ok that way.If the external Zoom or Tascam can be avoided in most situations--its so much easier to shoot.

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