WOW-- Rendering 4K is really SLOOOW

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Re: Cyberlink smart renders 4K

Markr041 wrote:

I have PowerDirector 12. It does edit and output 4K mp4.

The key feature it has that Vegas does not is that it smart renders. I just made a 4K video from my AX100 clips. 40% of the video was smart rendered - that is, was not re-compressed. That makes the rendering of the final video very fast, as opposed to just moreefficient GPU or CPU use. The quality seems good, the rendered MP4 file has a bitrate of 60Mbps, just like the camera, so no wasted space.

How are you able to smart render with PowerDirector? I use v13 (not the trial I believe) and when I import a 4k 99.9 mbps video from an AX100 then go in Produce then click Intelligent SVRT and get a list of the segments, all appear in red (red = render required , green = not required).

If I choose XAVCS and try the profiles they have or make a custom profile for the new bitrate, or click on h.264 AVC I never get to use the option SVRT under Fast Video rendering technology. I can select Intel Quick Sync Video but then rendering take a long time.

TMPEgc not an option for me. Is there a plugin for adobe premiere pro, or has smart renders been added to Vegas Pro?

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