70-200 Bag options/strategies?

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Re: What's an F64? (nt)

Hi Geno,

Thanks for getting back to me about the case/lens fit. I just might order the case.

That's about when I'll be getting there so we should definitely meet up. Maybe grab some lunch and scope out some locations. I'll send you an email with my phone number so we can touch base in DC. If I recall, you're staying at the same hotel, so that'll make things convenient.

See ya in DC,


GenoP...! wrote:

Just letting you knoe, when I took the plate off the lens and foot
fit perfectly. I am using the Manfrotto 488RC4 Midi Ball Head
which is very big. I wish I got the 499RC2 sometimes which is a
smaller plat. Who knows, after our session I will most likely get
the same setup as Ron, however I realy like the Manfrotto tripod
legs over the Gitzo.


GenoP...! wrote:
Hi John,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I am not at home right
now. I think the problem is that the foot with the plate I use
makes it not fit. I use a large Manfrotto plate and that's what
causes the problem. I believe Ron uses an Arca type plate and they
fit. When I get home tonight I will try it and let you know.

By the way I will be getting to Washington on Monday around noon if
all goes ok so by all meens we should try to hook up.


John_T wrote:


I read in your other post that the foot for the 70-200 VR doesn't
fit in the Lens Case 4. Is there any way that I could get it to fit
in there? Tightly? Take it off and put it in after the lens?
By the way, I'm the John in the DC group with Ron. I'll be there
for the three day workshop. I'll actually be there a day ahead of
time (21st) so if you're planning on being there early, let me know
and maybe we could meet up.


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