How water proof is Weather Proof OMD EM5?

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Re: IPX1

Klarno wrote:

Page 116 on the English language manual says:

Equivalent to IEC Standard publication 529 IPX1 (under OLYMPUS test conditions)

IPX1 is:

Dripping water (vertically falling drops) shall have no harmful effect. Test duration: 10 minutes, equivalent to 1 mm rainfall per minute.

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But of course that's not 'real world' - when sailing the splashes are not likely to be vertical, nor is rain if its windy. Test conditions are seldom encountered.

So all we are left with is experience. And luck. All I can say is that so far I have been luckier with my weatherproofed Olys than with my weatherproofed Canons.

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Colin K. Work

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