If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

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Re: If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

Fotoni wrote:

Panasonic GH4 and Samsung NX1 can do a lot better video and I have watched their videos at Vimeo. Those cameras are very much cheaper than D750

Nikon D750 is superior still image camera. Probably one of the best "full frame" camera currently for that task. I don't know why D750 has inferior video abilities considering its price.

That's your opinon and you're entitled to it, but it really depends on your definition of "better." D750 has more DR than the NX1 and GH4, and the rolling shutter is better than the GH4 - both have been measured. The NX1 RS is better in 1080p (best you can find without a global shutter) and much, much worse in 4k (d90 bad, its terrible). The D750 is more detailed than the other two in 1080p and it handles moire and aliasing better. It also has a better native lens selection, better battery life, dual cards, more customizable control options and so on.

The D750 can't do 4k and it doesn't do 120fps like the NX1, but as a 1080p/24/25/30/50/60p camera is definitely better. I own the NX1 and have owned the GH4 and I've shot them pretty extensively. Nikons new flat profile is pretty amazing, better skin tones than the GH4 and it handles shadows/highlights really well, better colors overall than both. Nikon's color science ranks right up there with Canon's as the best. In my opinion.

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