EA50, FS100 or something else? Which makes more sense starting out?

Started Oct 3, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: EA50, FS100 or something else? Which makes more sense starting out?

I come from the old school of tape based going back to betaSP days and the like. I have spent many years as a videographer in the News biz and about three months ago i decided to upgrade my old setup to a more user friendly work flow. After much researching i decided on the Sony NXCAM NEX ea50m with the metabones Canon EF lens adapter which was free from Sony as a rebate. This was a 600.00 value at the time. Now i used DLSR setup and i wanted a better all in one camera. So on the launch of my website www.bigskygig.com i wanted a newer camera to feature on my equipment page. anyway i wanted something that recorded on some type of media like a P2 card but found it was to expensive. So I opted to go the SD route. I am please to write that it was a wise decision. My mac has a SD reader, Done! I dont fine the low light a problem. In fact I was impressed by the noise ratio. It was as close as I could get to a shoulder mount and on the pull out shoulder base are two female threaded mounts for wireless which add a little weight to the back. for quick run and gun its not confusing like many dslr cameras.


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