If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

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Re: If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

virtualkyr wrote:

eFilm wrote:

Yeah, not bad. But what is the Auto WB2 setting? Perhaps you might want to use manual WB during the future wedding sessions, anyway.

AWB2 is something Nikon has come up with to combat the fact that normal AWB tends to shift towards cooler color temps. This setting shifts towards the warmer end, making it more pleasing in my opinion.

Sounds good and seems to be working fairly well in this kind of static scenario. Good to know. It was just the "auto" word that got me curious.

Everyone enjoyed it. There were a lot of things I would have liked to have done different, but ran out of time.

Yeap, we've all been there.

Good point, I've thought about lowering the sharpening in camera, as I've also heard that helps give a more "cinematic" kind of feel.

It's not just lowering the sharpening for the "cinematic" look, but it seems to work better to minimise in-camera sharpening and prefer subtle sharpening in post in general. Especially when shooting with typical mainstream cameras that tend to sharpen the footage as default, often giving it a "video-y" or "camcorderish" look. Once it's there, it's virtually impossible to remove it from the footage. It's easier and better looking the other way around. IMO, anyway.

As for the "cinematic" look, I tend to think it's more than just that subtle 'softness.' It's also about colour grading and lighting, framing and such. Things you can tweak, within limits, in footage like yours. Not that your piece needs any of that, though, but generally speaking.

I have Adobe Speedgrade which has a bunch of preset looks in it. I'll have to look more into that.

I think Speedgrade would also work with some popular LUT packages like ImpulZ and Osiris, if you happen to be in the mood. I think most of the presets come with a Rec709 version, too.

I don't usually use presets that much, especially when not working with flat curves, because it's so easy to look cheesy with them. But those can work reasonably well, with some tweaks.

FWIW, I don't intend to lecture or anything, I'm just geeking and thinking out loud.

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