If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

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Re: If you own Nikon lenses, the D750 does amazing video.

eFilm wrote:

Yeah, not bad. But what is the Auto WB2 setting? Perhaps you might want to use manual WB during the future wedding sessions, anyway.

AWB2 is something Nikon has come up with to combat the fact that normal AWB tends to shift towards cooler color temps. This setting shifts towards the warmer end, making it more pleasing in my opinion.

For weddings I set WB manually and shoot the DSC Labs One Shot Target so I can match the colors and looks of all my cameras in post because I shoot Sony, Canon, Nikon, and GoPro for ceremonies. That way, they all look pretty much the same and there aren''t jarring color differences.

I don't know if you were expecting constructive feedback or not, but if you asked me to nit-pick...

Well, some of the clips could have used a slightly different framing/composition without chopping the heads off the girls, perhaps slightly less camera movement for the sake of movement (although it wasn't too bad), and some clips might have looked even better with some selective lighting or flagging. Personally I might have filled the screen with the vertical still shots without black bars, perhaps with a Ken Burns or some other panning effect, but those are indeed all just minor nit-picking. As a BTS video it's just fine. I'm sure the girls and the photog like it, too.

Everyone enjoyed it. There were a lot of things I would have liked to have done different, but ran out of time.

Oh and don't worry about the sharpness/softness. There's nothing wrong with it.

You might even dial down the in-camera sharpness and contrast in the Standard profile when shooting, and then add a bit of sharpening in post if necessary. With a subject matter like that you don't even want to be razor sharp, anyway, or go for a 'camcorder' look, even though the skin of women that young could probably handle it.

Good point, I've thought about lowering the sharpening in camera, as I've also heard that helps give a more "cinematic" kind of feel.

If I wanted to tweak the footage, I'd rather use some subtle tweaks, perhaps with some NLE plugin that would go nicely with a standard colour profile like that without breaking the footage. Something to help taming highlight roll-off a bit, as well as tweaking the colours whenever necessary and giving the footage a sort of a 'cinematic' look. Not that you need that for this piece, but in general. I know of one or two such easy to use plugins, but they're for FCPX.

I have Adobe Speedgrade which has a bunch of preset looks in it. I'll have to look more into that.


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