Nikon D750 over D810: The inevitable query

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Re: Nikon D750 over D810: The inevitable query

I have the D800e, D750, and D7200. The D800e is for landscapes, the D750 for wildlife photography and general use where 24MP is more than enough, and the D7200 is my go to camera for wildlife photography with telephoto lenses and teleconverters. Each has an area where they provide the best results.

The 36MP RAW files from a D810 will become a 80MB file when you open it in Photoshop or convert it to a TIFF for post processing. It is a necessary evil when the extra resolution is of value, which is only in certain situations. My 12MP D3 camera produced image files that were more than adequate for 20x30 prints for clients. The 24MP D750 provides roughly 50% more resolution over the D3 camera.

The D750 is as good as the D7200 (and D7100) in terms of autofocus performance and noticeably better than the autofocus system currently provided in the D8xx cameras. This is most apparent to me when using super telephoto lenses with teleconverters where the D7200/D7100 will autofocus even with f11 whereas the D750 needs f8 and the D8xx will fail even with an f8 lens setup with low light or low contrast subjects.

The tilting LCD display on the D750 is something I enjoy a great deal. The tilt aspect makes it great for landscape shooting and I like that it shows my settings in a large font on the back so I don't have to rotate the camera to see the small LCD display on the top of the camera.

There are also advantages to the D750 that has two identical card slots that take the more modern SD cards. The D8xx cameras use the dumb setup first introduced with the D3s of having two card slots that require using two different types of memory cards. I spent a lot to upgrade both my CompactFlash cards and my SD cards when I bought the D800e as I needed two sets of cards. I can only hope that with the D5 and D900 that Nikon stops this insanity.

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