5D Mark II Freezes / Locks Up

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Re: 5D Mark II Freezes / Locks Up

Has anyone seen this happen with the Canon 70D.  The canera is about 1.5 tears old.

This has happened twice to me.

the first i was in Florida on a warm sunny day (85 degrees). the camera just froze as mentioned above. i took the battery out and put it back in. i was able to take one picture and it froze again. this happened several times. i finally took it into an air conditioned place and after a while it started working again. I took it back outside and after awhile it froze again. The next day it worked again.

The second time I was in Raleigh on a cool humid morning and it froze again. this time i took the battery out and put it back in and it stayed frozen. i noticed the battery was about dead so i put in a fresh battery and it worked just fine after that.

one other thing, sometimes the picture orientation gets messed up. i shoot a landscape picture and it shows up as a portrait on the camera and when i download it. and the same with a portrait picture.


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