Favorite Camera of all time and why!

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It's the results I love not the device.

MediaArchivist wrote:

I think it is interesting how many film cameras are mentioned. Do people not have the same emotional bond with their digital cameras? I like my (digital) camera very much, but I think I have more of a bond with my lenses. Curious how many of those lenses were for film cameras

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Not an emotional bond with the camera.  Not love or friendship. Just drama free functionality and the image quality. Frame after frame. Year after year. Digital developments (Epson, Apple, Adobe) have made it  more flexible and time efficient.  More time to play.

If there was a cost effective alternative which gave me higher quality, visually elegant, commercially viable and brand (mine) consistent results I would swap for it in  the time it would take to order from B&H.  Not yet.


Just for demo purposes- this is from the scanner before any post PS adjustments/ corrections/ straightening lol.  Film edges showing. Re-saved  from the full sized 166.8 MB  TIFF as a 3MB JPEG. Very little left  to do, nothing to pull, nothing to push.  There were no alternate exposures.  No padding.  Just me, the content and the camera. One frame at a time. For folks who are big on that sort of thing, yes, I was having fun. I most always do.  Another perfect afternoon at work.

Pentax 67,  Pentax SMC 200mm,  Provia 100 rated normal. Processed normal. Epson scan, no corrections, no plug-ins,  600 DP!,  target size 11"x14".

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