GM5 and some BIF's

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Re: GM5 and some BIF's

Tom Caldwell wrote:

My light mount for the small red dot sight does work well on the GX7 but does interfere with the action of both the flip evf and the flash unit - however they are hardly necessary when a red dot sight is mounted for use. The other potential problem is that whilst the mounted red dot sight on my camera is quite rigid, immobile and strong, it has a slightly sloppy fit at both ends and might tighten down at slightly different angles each time it is remounted. This would mean a re-calibration on re-mount which is a prospective pain. I am already thinking of MkII and MkIII versions with tighter tolerances and easier/quicker mount/demount facility.

I should even consider a magnetic mount version as the use of rare earth magnets has made my VEfinders both rigid tight-mount and click-on click-off.

When I was using my RDS/mount setup on my GH3, there was a small amount of play and the mount could shift just a pinch to one side, but I knew to keep it in the correct, calibrated position when using.  On the GM5, same RDS/mount setup, it does not move at all, and is very firm once mounted to the hotshoe.

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