Its My Tern To Eat (National Geographic Moment)

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Its My Tern To Eat (National Geographic Moment)

Well, A friend and I were at our spot in Port Credit, only been there for a few minutes when there was a commotion in the distance, all the birds on an old derelict freighter took off and started swarming, in the middle was a larger dark bird but at that distance it just looked like a cormorant. Well i brought the camera to my eye and quickly realized it was something more than that, a bird of prey of some type (I believe its been identified as a Juvenile Peregrine Falcon) and as it got closer i could see it had a tern in its talons, not even a baby tern but a full grown tern. Well we were in luck as the angry swarm pestered the bird of prey they all headed in our direction where we were firing off like nuts capturing the event.

I wanted to show the swarm, so most of these photos are not cropped, in the next response to this post I'll have tight crops (All taken with the Sigma 100-300mm F4.0 and Sigma 1.4x TC

The Tern to its top left is diving at the Falcon

The Dodge

The first tight crop

Looking back at the approaching terns

Again, close ups to be posted in a reply

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