E-M1 shutter stuck?

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E-M1 shutter stuck?

So I was out yesterday taking a lot of pictures with my new-to-me em1 and had some a couple of problems that really concerned me.

First, I started to hear what sounded like a little motor whenever I moved the camera around.  I'm not sure if it started suddenly, or if I just didn't notice it for a while.  I figured it was the IS or something, but turned off the camera and removed the lens and re-seated it.  Sound went away and I thought nothing of it.

Second, while firing off a lot of pictures quickly, suddenly I stopped hearing the shutter when pressing the release.  So, I turned flipped the power lever to off and the screen didn't turn off.... so I press the release again, still nothing.  Both the live view and the EVF are still working, but I'm switching the power on and off and nothing is happening.  I remove the lens and to re-seat it, but I notice the shutter is closed.  After re-seating the lens, still nothing.  I end up removing the battery and it turns off.  I remove the lens again and the shutter is now open.  I replace the battery and turn it on and off a couple of times and that works fine again.  I put the camera down for a while and stop using it.  I did notice right before this happened that the little red writing to card icon was flashing for longer than I think I normally see it.  I was using a sandisk extreme pro, so I wouldn't think the card speed would be an issue.

Third, it basically did the same and the second thing again.  I had picked up the camera and didn't have the problem for awhile and I thought it was just a fluke or something and it would be find.  Then, BAM, happened again.  I don't think I was firing off pictures as fast as last time though.  I also think I had a different battery in at this point.  I put it down for the rest of the day at this point.

I did buy it used, but it only had like <200 shutter count on it.  I checked it later in the night and only at about 1300 shutter count now.  I also check the error code screen and nothing was listed.

Does any of this make sense?  Is it normal wear/tear/operational problem that just happens from time to time, or should I be concerned?

I have tried searching but only finding things on shutter shock when I search for the shutter being stuck.

Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks for reading.

Olympus E-M1
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