FE 28 Distortion Claim (re: jaybr)

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FE 28 Distortion Claim (re: jaybr)

The post in the other thread that I am testing:

jaybr wrote:

As I said earlier, I prefer lenses that require minimal post processing (unfortunately, more expensive). The Sony 28mm has way too much distortion. So much, that after correction (including cropping), it probably displays a field of view similar to a 35mm.

First, the 28 absolutely does not turn into a field of view similar to a 35 when the lens profile is applied in post processing. Here is the test I ran . . . and it's raining so I used an interior wall decorated like Sherlock's apartment. Heh. I have the FE 28 at f/2 and then the 2nd image is again at f/2 but corrected. The next image is the Voigtlander Nokton 35/1.2 at f/2. The next 2 images are the FE 28 at f/5.6 (uncorrected and then corrected) and the final image is the Voigtlander 35 at f/5.6.

I used a tripod and set the camera to A with the ISO set at 100 (so the shutter speed was determined by the camera to achieve ISO 100). I also used the 2 second timer to avoid shake as much as possible.

FE 28 f/2 uncorrected

FE 28 f/2 corrected

Voigtlander Nokton 35/1.2 at f/2

And now the f/5.6 tests:

FE 28 f/5.6 uncorrected

FE 28 f/5.6 corrected

Voigtlander Nokton 35/1.2 at f/5.6

I applied no post processing other than the lens profile on the two corrected shots. The window in this room is off to the left and is partially covered so some light is more apparent on the left side of the image, but the room was dark (as you can see in the shutter speeds necessary).

To my eyes, the FE 28 certainly doesn't become a 35 focal length after the lens profile is applied. Not even close. 30, perhaps.

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