Generic EN-EL15 Batteries (D7000 Battery)

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Re: Generic EN-EL15 Batteries (D7000 Battery)

I know this is an old thread, but with this battery change it really really change the way I think. From the D1x, D2Xs, D3s, throw in D200, D700, D800, and I have to many different batteries.

With the D800 I bought the Wasabi EN-EL15, I really only use the camera for video, and for the first time since my FE winder I am using the AA adapter in a grip. Really have not used the camera as much as the Nikon's I work with.

This whole battery scare because of a few failed batteries is funny. The new SAFE EN-EL15 is on recall for meltdown, wish they kept the EN-EL3e which I have many, I forget what the EN-EL3 recall was over, same deltdown.

The DSTE EN-EL15 Li-ion Battery is getting mixed reviews, as are other Generic ones. Someone commented on Duracell, but I only found them in the UK Amazon site, and the rating was not that good.

Throw in the $$$ for a EN-EL4a/EN-EL18 battery charger and I wonder why it was not included with every D4/D4s. Does it really pay to annoy Nikon users/customers. What happened to my D700s ???? ( Make them in China, no battery ban there )

Hope Sanyo now Panasonic makes an Eneloop battery for Nikon, would order them in a second.

But Nikon batteries are what I use when I work, my D800 will be my test camera for generic.

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