X-Pro 1 - AE Bracketing - i'm annoyed

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Re: X-Pro 1 - AE Bracketing - i'm annoyed

morganb wrote:

from the specs i've seen, it looks like they are bringing the same AE Bracketing system over from their $250 camera's.

now i certainly dont think anyone should buy or not buy a camera like this because of this one feature but when considering a system that will be approaching $2000 i would really hope that the software will have the features that many other $300 camera's have.

right now it appears to only handle +-2 EV with a max of +-1 EV Steps. now for someone that wants to shoot an HDR photo and manually process it, this obviously falls short. am i missing their logic? are they just pushing the are they just trying to push the EXR DR mode?

anyone else have an opinion on this?

Fuji hasn't really addressed wide exposure bracketing. If this is really that important, and you can't bring yourself to bracket manually, then Fuji is not the droid you are looking for.

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