Bag/case to use with blackrapid straps?

Started Jul 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
scorrpio Veteran Member • Posts: 3,595
Re: Bag/case to use with blackrapid straps?

I commonly use BlackRapid along with a LowePro Flipside 200 backpack.    The BR strap goes on first, then I put on shoulder straps of the Flipside OVER the strap, but route the belt of the pack under the BR strap.  I can still easily slide the camera up and down the strap for shooting.   I can also easily slip off my right shoulder strap and swing the backpack around my left side in order to change lenses or otherwise access bag contents.  If I want to put the camera away for a while, I unclip it from the strap and put it into backpack.

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