My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

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Re: My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

Zensu11 wrote:

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pitraks wrote:

I didn't read the whole thread, but I've read enough to know the essentials.

I have a hard time deciding whether or not to buy a E-m5 mkii or not with my Pana 7-14mm. I like the articulated screen and I love all the creative stuff you can do with this camera.

Two questions:

Teninwien suggests in this post that his 20mm behaves better on the mkii than on the mki.

I am not sure texinwien and you are thinking about the same thing with regard to the Pany 20/1.7.

The 20/1.7 has no trouble with purple flare when used on an Oly body. This problem is unique to the 7-14/4.

The 20/1.7 has some problems with purple fringing when used on Oly body. This problem is not peculiar to the 20/1.7. Purple fringing generally gets a little bit worse than it would otherwise be when a Pany lens is used on an Oly body (see here for further information). The reason is partly (but only partly) the same as with the purple flare you get with the 7-14/4: Weaker on-sensor UV filter in Oly bodies. The cure is therefore also the same: Add a filter that brings UV filtering up to the same strength as the on-sensor UV filter used in Pany bodies. But if you don't want to do that, the purple fringing is easier to deal with in PP than the purple flare.

What I think texinwien might have been thinking of is a third problem: The 20/1.7 (not other Pany lenses) can cause banding (pattern noise) when used on certain bodies. The banding usually shows up only at pretty high ISOs or when you push shadows. In contrast to the two problems mentioned above, this is not really a Pany-Oly compatibility problem. It has to do with the sensor. The banding appears with bodies using the presumably Sony-designed sensor introduced with the E-M5 and used in many other Oly bodies after that. But the Pany GH3 uses this sensor too and has the same problem (it's even mentioned in the GH3 manual). It may be that something has been done with the E-M5.2 to alleviate this problem. I already know that texinwien has seen less of it with his E-M5.2 than with his E-M5 and I have seen positive reports from others too.

This is a post concerning banding which appears on my P/L 42.5mm f1.2 when mounted on my Oly. E-P5.

I also got banding with this combo at high ISO's. It begins to appear in the shadows at ISO 2500 and is visible in the entire image at ISO 6400 on the Oly. E-P5. I repeated this amateur experiment with my GM1 and saw no banding until ISO 12800 in the shadows at these ridiculously high ISO's.

I don't know if other Oly. E-P5 owners or any other Oly. m43's bodies have this problem with this lens. Maybe more knowledgeable photographers will add their experiences to this thread?

Hi Bobby,

I can't see your sample image. But I too have seen occasional examples of the same or a similar phenomenon with other lenses than the 20/1.7. As usual, reality may be a little more complicated than our tendency to black-and-white thinking (this lens got it, others don't) imagines. But the problem is certainly more common and/or stronger with the 20/1.7. What we also know by now is that the problem is caused by the electronics of the lens in conjunction with a sensitivity to interference in the sensor or its supporting electronics.

I guess someone has tested the mkii for purple blotches with the 7-14? Is it less sensitive? Or is it a no go without the rear filter?

I don't know if anyone has tested it yet. But I'd be a bit surprised if anything has changed in comparison with earlier Oly bodies in this particular regard. It would mean that Oly would have increased the strength of their on-sensor UV filter compared to the strength they have previously standardized on.

I live in Belgium. I can order the filter in the UK - knights - and it will probably cost me around 100€.. I've seen the thread with the German supplier of panasonic spare parts, so that should work out as well.

I've not decided yet if I'm going to do this. But in case I buy the mkii, is there someone in the region who has like half a filter and is willing to sell it? It seems a but stupid if we all buy a full one, no?

I am aware that the required type of filter is a bit hard to source outside the US, which is unfortunate. I hope you will manage to put together a reasonable deal in the end.

I finally got my filter holder for the P. 7-14mm at

It only took a week and the part to search for is the "Panasonic VXQ1911 Frame". It looks simple to modify with a utility knife. There is an outer ring and a narrow inner ring that looks about 1mm higher than the outer ring just as Anders described. This inner ring will obviously sit on the "three wings" around the rear lens element and the outer ring is for the three mounting screws which are not included with this part. It appears that I could shave this inner ring down to be flush with the outer ring and there would not be any extra tension on the three screws mounted on the outer ring. Now I must wait for B+H to get the Wratten 2A Filter in stock.

Good to hear that you have got the filter holder. As you point out, VXQ1911 comes without screws but you can use the same ones as those holding the regular rear baffle in place. Hope you won't have to wait too long for the filter from B&H.

P.S. Perhaps this is superfluous advice but make sure you got the right screw-drivers. Nothing fancy is required. Just the right size and decent quality. Any well-supplied hardware store should be able to provide what you need unless you've already got it.

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