What would you carry backpacking?

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Re: not sure how to answer a question from 2011

I think we are talking about two different kinds of backpacking here.

Backpacking that involves prolonged wilderness travel, carrying all your equipment and food on your back is VERY different to simply travelling around with a backpack on or doing day walks to lookouts and other scenic destinations.

What seems light when you weigh it in your hand in your living room, will feel heavy when you are walking up a big hill for three hours, with it in your pack.

I divide my trips into two different categories - outdoor trips with a camera and photography trips in the outdoors.

Outdoor trips with a camera are trips with other people, where taking photos is a secondary activity. They might be a 10 day hike, a week of kayaking or rockclimbing or something like that. Photography is not the purpose of the trip. If you are constantly pulling a DSLR and a tripod out of your pack on trips like this, your companions end up getting the shits. I find a small, good quality point and shoot with RAW capture is good for trips like this. I use a Canon S95, which is tiny yet still produces nice images.

Photography trips in the outdoors are pretty self-explanatory. Generally, I only have a small backpack (I use a Lowepro Photo Sport 200) which is mainly filled will photography gear, a small tripod and some wet weather gear , food and water. The whole lot doesn't weigh a lot but it weighs enough. I also undertake these trips by myself. Then no one has to wait while I do anything. I don't have to worry about companions who aren't as enthusiastic as I am about photography or who are in a rush to get  somewhere or do something.

Sometimes, I will mix the two kinds of trips a little but not much. The main reason is that carrying a lot of weight on your back for an extended period of time can make you miserable and give you sore feet and  when you are miserable and have sore feet, you don't feel like taking photographs.

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