What about PHOTOSIG ?

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Re: What about PHOTOSIG ?

tedgreen wrote:

I did some googling and found a new critique site just launched.


ShutterCritic is still up but not really running anymore.  That's a great pity because the creators had some good ideas and the site design was good.

When I first joined I was getting a reasonable number of views and critiques within just a few days.  Now it has ground to a halt.  I recently deleted an image that had only 6 views and no critiques after 12 days.   My most recent image only received 10 views in 12 days despite being good enough to get 3 very complimentary critiques.

The problem is that most users upload their images but don't write their fair share of critiques.  Nothing new there.  The problem was that the site didn't originally implement any rules preventing this.  By the time that they did then the site had a big backlog of uncritiqued images.

More recently they did something that I just cannot understand: they allowed new users to upload 3 images rather than 1.  Not surprisingly, many new users now upload not 1 but 3 images without writing any critiques.

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