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GH4 vs. NX1

Here are a few comments about the GH4 vs. NX1

It is correct to say the NX1 is larger as are the Samsung premium lenses, but the Samsung lenses really are more useful. For example, while an extra F/2 12mm lens would make sense for the GH4, there is less of a need with the Samsung. The zoom covers F/2 and 16mm (12mm on mFT). The NX1 sensor is also slightly better and the 1 extra stop of light from the Samsung at the wide end of the zoom should make a noticeable difference in images. As for the 100mm vs. 150mm zooms, there is a bigger difference than you might think (but only for stills). This is due to the 28MP sensor vs. the 16MP sensor. With the NX1, if one needs extra reach they have the option of cropping an extra 40+% and still ending up with a 16MP image like the GH4 (the NX1 actually has a smaller pixel pitch for slightly greater magnification). For video the GH4 has this advantage because the NX1 does not have the video cropping option like the GH4 (that uses the center 1920x1080 pixels). If small size is really important, both cameras have tiny pancake zooms and pancake primes available too. I will admit that the 2 Panasonic F/2.8 zooms are a marvel. Compared to most systems they are tiny and very portable. Even compared to the Olympus offerings they are small.

For focusing, the GH4 has the edge in lower light. The NX1 will hunt slowing down focus. Because of this tracking does not work as well indoors too. There is a new FW update on its way though addressing focusing. For video the NX1 has the edge. The GH4 still wobbles in and out of focus slightly and even with DFD does not keep the focus on moving subjects as well as the NX1. Especially in good light, the NX1 does a great job of keeping a subject moving towards and away from the camera in focus.

For stills the NX1 is a better camera, but I will let others argue about why. The GH4 has the silent electronic shutter which can come in handy. The NX1 has 15 FPS at 28MP (close to 8K video at 15 FPS). The GH4 has lens options such as 300mm zooms which the NX1 does not.

I won’t say here which camera I think is better because it really depends on their intended use. Both are in the select group of best cameras available today.

Oh, and that G7 looks like another great option too!

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