My GH4 indepth review

Started May 17, 2015 | User reviews thread
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Re: My GH4 indepth review

I use the GH4 extensively as a hybrid camera since May 2014. I think everything in your review is spot on, and also share the same wishes as you for the GH5.

But just a few minor observations:

It seems like the eyecup getting lose or lost is something many have experience, but I have to say not only mine has never broke lose, I couldn't even remove it myself when I tried. And I really abused my camera, including sweating like a pig overe the eye piece. Still hard in its place. Maybe sample variation ?

I'm not sure DFD works in 4k or UHD Continous AF movie mode. When I use this mode, the AF keeps racking back and forward looking for focus, and also when shooting a still subject, after a while starts searching and drifts in and out of focus. From my understanding DFD should know if the target is in focus, but also should know in what direction and by how much to move the focus.

I would also like to point out that this camera's greatest strenght as a hybrid camera is the ease of  joggling from one set-up to another. It takes me less than 1 second to go from different stills shooting modes and settings to totally different video modes and settings thanks to lots of direct butons, custom memory modes and touch screen. On other competing cameras, if you have it set up for say action still shooting, good luck trying to shoot proper video of the same scene for example.

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