How do you "Go Light" ?

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Re: How do you "Go Light" ?

brianric wrote:

Truman Prevatt wrote:

Go to the gym..LOL. Seriously I have packed in my 4x5 field camera, and a tripod to support it on many a 3 day back packing trip into the Colorado Rockies both in the summer and winter (on skies). The question comes down to why are you there. If it is to photograph - then you take you best equipment.

When we went on long backpacking trips where the prime reason was to cover as ground instead of photography, I threw my FM in my pack with a 50 and 100 mm lenses. Of course this was back in the film days when I was actively packing.

Today my advice is to select two good prime lenses in your most used focal length and your 810 and go. If you must compromise, you don't need an extra shirt, you can make do with one pair of underwear ;0)!

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Go to the gym? Really? I'm 65, have an artificial left shoulder, advanced osteoporosis in left knee, and recently been diagnose with asbestosis due to my military service in Uncle Sam's Navy. The Nikon gear stays home and the Fuji XT-1 is my camera of choice when on a trip. Good for you for carrying a 4x5 on a three day back packing trip. Some of us are not inclined or capable of doing that anymore. Besides, when I'm on a three day hiking trip it is via Holiday Inn. No more sleeping in a tent for me.

Thank you, sir, for your service!

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I wear a badge and pistol, and make evidentiary images at night, which incorporates elements of portrait, macro, still life, landscape, architecture, and PJ. I enjoy using both Canons and Nikons.

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