Quite impressive for a "Kit" lens

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Quite impressive for a "Kit" lens

i know that considering the price, the 24-120 aspires to be more than just a kit lens but since it is offered that way with the D750, it is fair that it should be assessed in that light as well. For the most part, it is quite an impressive lens and not just in the "Kit" world.

Construction is truly excellent. Coming from Canon the Nikon truly eclipses a lens like the 28-135 IS and easily plays with the 24-105 L IS; I would not quite put it on par with the 24-70 but certainly not a world of difference.

Range wise, the 24-120 is quite useful, and obviously there are the odd times I would like a broader lens than 24mm or longer than 120 but for a walk around this range is likely to cover 95% of ones needs.

The VR works very well and the active mode has served me very well when walking or on boats. Easy 3 stops improvement, but I have gotten 4 stops improvements over the 1/FL rules on a few occasions.

Optically, first of all, you can't judge any recent G lens without applying the digital lens correction. So if you use a raw converter that cannot apply it, then you will indeed see a lot of vignetting, some CA, some distortion (at times a lot of it) that is not acceptable for a lens that price. But once corrected things get much better.

lets get the ugly out do the way. At 24mm, distortion is high and edge sharpness quite low. This is the weakest FL for this lens and even at F:11 it does not get great. Now, in practice, the pictures don't look bad if you take care to not load the most detail critical elements on the edge. It is simply not a stellar performer.

From 35 to 100mm, this lens is truly stunning for its category. Great colours, great sharpness, really good contrast, most optical defaults well corrected. If you don't like the picture, don't blame the lens.

At 120mm things get a bit softer at times but you can stop down and at f:8 it is quite good. Not 70-200 zoom good, but good enough that you won't be scrambling to change lens if 120mm gives enough reach.

All in all after a week with this lens shooting throughout Vancouver, I am duly impressed. I only took the 1.8/35mm G out once, and it was because I wanted something less visibly imposing while visiting a public market. The lens is not perfect but the flexibility it offers and the optical quality it delivers (besides 24mm) make it a great walk around tool, and looking at some of those files, I feel they will print even better than they look at 100%. I am glad I bought it before this trip, it served me well

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